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Hi all – I’ve made it through an interesting transition into my new job and as I reach the new year am feeling out opportunities to get involved in the local community and events, as well as indulging both personally and professionally in my love for running and chess :)

More updates soon as I feel out how to adjust this website to be more meaningful, as it turns out according to my Google Analytics that quite a few people do still regularly find it.

In the meantime, check out ButaPub, who has answered one of the long-running questions in Rochester music/events – “Why aren’t there more shows at the German House??”.

As always, check out Flour City Station, who has answered another question on why there isn’t a good venue for mid-size events in Rochester. I can’t speak enough to the value of an honest venue like this supporting the Rochester community.

I will be updating later this winter on yet another long-term victory to the Rochester events community – the return of events to Manhattan Square Park, of which I will be involved in supporting a few.

And I feel obliged to plug if you have not been following: Rochester Subway, and Reconnect Rochester – two great sources of information and commitment to improving the local community.


Long overdue update


Hello all – a long overdue update as of 11/14. I have been out of the music business, a bit painfully so the last couple years; I worked for YellowJacket Racing putting on fitness events, a job that I just left for 2 opportunities that will give me more flexibility and strength to do what I love – one with national fitness event company RaceWire building their presence as an Account Manager for New York, and one with Fitness Edge Media helping market great fitness events as well as the East End Festival, for which I’ve worked for years.

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t lived up to the name “Flour City Shows”, that I tried my best to earn through the Rochester Indie Fest (which I didn’t hold in 2014 and don’t know if I’ll hold again). I do hope to get back into the music business, but after years of not taking care of my own debts and responsibilities, I felt it was time to get back in shape, physically and financially (many people know I used to be a serious runner before getting injured and into the music business).

That being said, I still love the music business in Rochester and hope to soon work my way back into music events. In the mean time check out Flour City Station and The Bug Jar as two people who are still fighting the good fight for Rochester music.

I still keep half an eye on the local music scene and am still very open to new ideas and projects, music and artistically inclined, paid or even, depending on the idea and the timeframe, not paid. I am still very active in all areas of event management and marketing, and have a little bit of experience albeit rusty :) And mostly I just need a kick in the butt to get back into the music biz.. one that with my new jobs I have a change to get back in to.

as always, email josh at flour city shows dot com to keep in touch.

Josh Reed

Indie Fest is a week away!


Check out the full calendar on the “Rochester Indie Fest” page.  In the meantime while I’ve been taking some much-needed trips to the ‘Dacks I’ve also been busy talking up ideas for the next couple shows with folks.  Expect some small and medium events to tide us over through the winter and *possibly* another big one in the spring.

You may also notice that Flour City Radio is down.  I’ve taken this down in favor of developing a different sort of simple music library / rotation because 1) I found the technology investment (a minimum of $120/month) wasn’t what my focus needed to be, and 2) Rocpodcasts.com is filling that niche nicely and growing steadily.  I’m truly looking forward after the Indie Fest to just working on a few small events and helping a bunch of people out with their projects for once.

Indie Fest Calendar


Thanks to  Bernunzio Uptown Music, Pegasus Early Music, The Institute for Creative Music, and Tree in the Sky for being supporters of the Indie Fest!

No Events

Indie Fest promo clip


Courtesy of Tree in the Sky (RIT Professor Neeti Fidurko) and John ValentiCLICK HERE TO WATCH

Final Indie Fest Calendar (Picture)


I’m taking my first vacation since January this weekend and when I come back will have full show descriptions and be distributing our Festival Guide! Thanks again to Bernunzio Uptown Music, Tree in the Sky, Pegasus Early Music, Institute for Creative Music, and all the other groups in this image for making this possible. Thanks especially also to Tim Avery for kicking off the initiative as always with the Bug Jar, Declan Ryan for the logo, and Cole Oppedisano for being the awesomest U of R kid to appear on the scene and help out.calendar

Indie Fest Updates


If you’re stumbling on this on Saturday 9/14, come out to Roc Brewing between 5-9 to see a great taste of the Indie Fest with local performers and artists not only displaying their work but talking about their love for Rochester and what makes them tick.

Also, thank you for Bernunzio Uptown Music for coming on a sponsor of the Indie Fest this year! John Bernunzio has always been a friend and mentor and is a great supporter of the local music scene. He also happens to own probably the coolest shop in town and one of the coolest instrument shops in the world, with everything from Stratocasters and strings to obscure instruments. Stop in, buy a little something, and tell John that we sent you!

Some Great Groups in Rochester


Hey everyone, with all this Indie Fest talk it gets easy for me to get caught up in the event and not remember to give a shout out to all of the great young people doing great work in this city.  All of us sharing a common goal of spreading positive community values and promoting Rochester has really brought together this event and inspired me to drive forward with my own work.  Please take the time if you’ve stumbled upon this page to click through and look at a few of them.

Punk for Peace / The Snowball Effect -  The work of Ken Braley, a great guy who is inspiring positive social action events.  After running a successful mail order / merch business for 6 years, he closed it down to start this group which has, well, snowballed since starting meetings only two months ago.  I can expect only great things out of them.

The Rochester Insomniac – Some of the most passionate, driven guys for the broader community.  The wealth and depth of their information on the the website is amazing, and I guarantee you will be seeing something even more exciting out of them VERY soon.

The Institute for Creative Music / Fair Trade Music Rochester – The work of Chris Teal, a good friend and Eastman Grad.  My sounding board for much of this operation.  The former is an outreach program teaching music creatively to kids, the latter an effort to improve communication between musicians and venues on various issues.  They just released an all-Rochester CD compilation and are putting on a concert series soon.

Nasty Records Recording -  I don’t know Nate Davenport too well (yet), but everyone says he’s the man.  Recording and touring are two of the most harrowing tasks to a rising band, and having someone who helps work to make it easier (and more affordable) to bands is incredible.

More to come in part 2 soon.

Indie Fest Update


Thurs Oct. 24th – Oct. 27th. The Bug Jar and other nearby environs. Featuring the culmination of a college battle of the bands, a tribute to the Beach Boys including a performance of “Pet Sounds” by members of Sports, The Wallpaper, and more, a few CD releases, and some great touring acts… and that’s at the Jar alone. More to come as other venues come together. Tell your kids! Tell your wife! And check back soon for new shows as they get confirmed.

First Official Indie Fest Schedule / Announcement / Graphics / Etc will be the first week of September.

A New Organization(s)


As I’ve relaunched Flour City Shows and met with a lot of great people, I’ve heard of a lot of great projects working to support local music and arts lately. It’s become increasingly clear that FCS cannot, well, do EVERYTHING. As a self-branded sociologist, I’m constantly trying to look at the relationship of the smaller components of society to the whole, and in discussions with Chris Teal of Fair Trade Music Rochester and Ken Braley of Punk for Peace, I’ve come to believe two things:

1) That Flour City Shows needs to strictly focus on the promotion of local events and music, and so with this organization I’ll be solely working to A) produce and promote local events, B) Support other grassroots promoters who are putting out fresh ideas, and C) Produce and collaborate on print and media campaigns to support the above and the local music scene (i.e. Flour City Radio).

2) Chris Teal turned me on to a great program Seattle has put out to promote their city as a “City of Music”, that I think we can learn a lot from as a culturally-rich city. Check out This Link to see the Seattle Music Commission they formed that I think we should rip off… In our case I think it would feature:

  • Young Promoters + Organizers (i.e. FCS people)
  • College Educators in Music (and the arts)
  • Local Business Owners who support the creative community
  • Rotating members from the creative community
  • Some mission statement ideas: Working to develop, attract, and retain young talent in music and the arts in Rochester through education, workshops, and awesome events. Supporting not only those who produce art, but the promoters, organizers, educators, and business owners who are invested daily in the creative community. Providing a conduit through which local government, businesses, and others can be brought ‘inside the loop’.”

    More to come and Indie Fest announcements soon!